Thursday, 27 January 2011

Nora the Stationary Obsessive

One of my favourite and most vivid memories is from when I was 7 years old: I remember going shopping to Ilkley one Saturday afternoon with my uncle, we went in to WH Smiths and he spent what I imagine was a small fortune on new stationary for me - new pencil case, pencils, colouring pens, ruler, notecards, writing pads; you name it ,we got it!

From that moment on, I was in love with stationary.  I would find any excuse to send a letter to someone through the post on beautifully watermarked notepaper in a thick cream envelope.  After Christmas and my Birthday was my favourite time as I would send thank you cards/notes to anyone and everyone.

20 years on, I still send cards and notes through the post.  I don't think anything beats that feeling of coming home after a hard day and finding a handwritten envelope on the doormat.  Just knowing that someone has taken the time to source a pretty card and handwrite that note, whatever it may say, means so much.

In an age where emails and text messages seem to rule everyday correspondence, I truly hope we don't forget to make time to sit down and send that little note, inviting a friend for coffee or even just to let them know that we are thinking about them - remember the Royal Mail advert from years ago? 'I saw this and thought of you'!

Here are some pictures of my most recent stationary passions:- (all by Cavallini & Co, San Francisco and available at Nora's)

Paris Postcards - £8.95 (x18)
Thank you cards - £8.95 (x10)

Alphabet Rubber Stamps! £18.50

Vintage Maps Postcards - £8.95 (x18)

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