Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mothers Day Inspiration

There are many things we all do everyday that don't take much effort but make a big difference to our day.

It dawned on me earlier that one thing I do everyday is tell my mum I love her; only a small moment at the end of the day but quite possibly the most important. I'm sure you don't need me to remind you how special our mum's are, but it got me thinking how many of us actually tell them on a regular basis that we think they're brilliant and that we love them.

I suspect that I am in a minority of people over the age of 12 who continue to do this and I have begun to wonder if perhaps by telling her everyday it makes it less special.

I've given it some serious thought over the past 48 hours, and I've concluded that being told (however regularly!) and knowing that you're loved is a truly wonderful thing and the sentiment is always the same.

So, if you're not a soppy so and so like me and you don't regularly remind your mum that you love her, please do make sure you remember to tell her on the 3rd April...

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