Monday, 9 May 2011

Amish Barn Stars

Following the ever increasing popularity of anything with a 'heart' on over the past few years I feel to have overdosed somewhat on them so I'm always looking for something new and a little different to add interest to a home. I think I've finally found just the thing with 'Amish Barn Stars'. 

I first came across them about 18 months ago and found their look incredibly appealing - I love anything quirky (as I'm sure you know!) and their vintage, 'reclaimed' style really caught my eye.

I researched them and ultimately fell in love with the story behind them - Originally used by Amish farmers to decorate their barns and identify the builder, they are made from reclaimed tin that has been salvaged from old farm buildings and are considered to bring good luck.

The different colours also have different meanings:-
White - Purity, Free Flowing Energy
Blue - Protection, Peace, Calmness and Spirituality
Green - Growth, Fertility, Success in things and ideas that grow

After months of searching, I have been able to locate some original Barn Stars handmade by the Amish Community in the USA which are now for sale at Nora's.

12" - £26.50
22" - £55.00
29" - £75.00

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  1. They are quite beautiful, I also love anything unusual, and the fact that these stars are the genuine article makes them even more desirable. xx