Tuesday, 8 May 2012

MayDay Mayhem!

So, for those of you who aren't too familar with Ilkley and its traditions; Mayday Bank Holiday Monday is 'Carnival Day' in the town.   

It's a little bit more sedate than the Carnivals of Rio or Notting Hill and thankfully we all wear alot more clothes ('goosebumps on your goosebumps' is not an attractive look!)

This years theme was 'Summer of Celebration' and yesterday morning I, along with hundreds of other locals, lined the streets of Ilkley to see the parade. Mums and Dads had been slaving for weeks on end getting their little ones costumes ready for the big day and they made sure we weren't disappointed,  from mini olympians to Ilkley's very own Royal Family, it was all there! 

Nora's also took part in the celebrations by entering the 'Shop Window Competition' and I'm thrilled to say that we won first prize!

Here are some of the highlights...

My old school!

Olympic Torch

Dylan the Campervan

Nora's Banner at the fair


Our Winning Shop Windows!

Our Trophy!

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