Friday, 12 October 2012

The First Workshop

Last night was a pretty momentous occasion for Nora's...
We held our very first workshop!
After over 2 years of 'we really should do a workshop' talk we finally got things organised and with the help of the wonderful Libby Jubb we hosted a Jewellery Demonstration and Workshop here at the shop last night.


There were just 6 places available on this workshop and thanks to the girls at Approach PR the Ilkley Gazette kindly mentioned the workshop in the paper last week and we sold out within a few days! 
Libby is based in Ilkley and we have been selling her very distinctive and feminine pieces at Nora's for over 2 years now.  Ever popular, we were thrilled when she agreed to hold the workshop with us!
So, after much discussion we decided that her 'crochet' range would make a great beginners project and was something that could be completed in a 2 hour period. 
Using a combination of sterling silver wire and semi precious stones, the ladies had a choice of making either a pair of drop earrings (as shown above) or a bracelet.
5 out of the 6 chose to do a bracelet and one lady made a pair of earrings.  So after a demonstration from Libby and with the help of some delicious 'nibbles' (thanks mum!) and a couple of glasses of 'vino' they got cracking!

Here they are busy making (look at the concentration on their faces!)
Here are the finished products -
Terri's Earrings featuring Turquoise Howlite
Fiona's Hematite Bracelet

Janet's Amythest and Blue Lace Agate Bracelet
Sue's Tones of Green Bracelet
Helen's Blue Lace Agate Bracelet
Katie's Hematite Bracelet
In the words of Brucie - 'DIDN'T THEY DO WELL?!?'
Stay tuned for details of our next workshop - why not sign up to Nora's News and be the first to know?


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