Monday, 24 February 2014

Springing Pretty

Every season brings with it change and the promise of something exciting;

Summer with it's long balmy evenings
Autumn and the riot of rich rusty reds and burnt orange colours
Winter with the twinkle of Christmas lights (and a dusting of snow if we're lucky) 
and my favourite of all, Spring....

I've always loved Spring; maybe it's just me, but I think there is a certain smell in the air at this time of year. A scent on the breeze that tells us something wonderful is about to happen, everything seems to burst in to life - the bulbs sprouting through hard earth opening out to say 'Hello',  the newborn lambs waggling their tails and skipping in the fields.  The cycle starts for another year - the colours change again and everything begins to look pretty once more! 

This change in colour is always mirrored in the new products we start to get in at the shop - our newest range is a collection of textile products in gorgeous pastel colours by British designers 'Peony & Sage'. 

Sweetpeas Cushion - £42.00

Purses in Vintage Paisley (left) and Sweetpeas (right)   -  £9.95

Based in Berwick upon Tweed in Northumberland, Peony and Sage linens are all made in the UK. Their fabrics are turned in to purses, notebook covers, cushions, (etc etc!) by teams of very talented makers dotted about the UK.  These lovelies have come to us from Louise Schofield in Lincolnshire!


Vintage Paisley Notebooks (left) -  £14.50 & £19.50 
 Pink Icing Jacks Pencil Case £12.00

Mini Hop Lavender Parcel Pairs - £9.50

Sweetpeas Lavender Wheat Warmer - £16.95

The start of Spring at Nora's - we can't wait...

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