Monday, 3 March 2014

A Northern Light

Isn't it amazing how lighting can transform a room?  

I'm a great lover of lamps and candles and how a few carefully positioned ones can create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere especially in a living room or bedroom. I have lamps everywhere in my house and we very rarely use 'the big light' - drives my other half mad when it comes to bedtime and they all have to be turned off! 

I've always struggled to find beautiful lampshades and lamps that look just as lovely turned off as they do on, but when I saw these stunning illustrated parchment paper lamps, my heart skipped a beat.


Woodland Table Lamp - £56.00

Claire Humphreys is a Northern Lass born and bred, and her love of drawing and painting began at a very early age.  In recent years she took up graphic design, merging this with her hand illustrations she started to create unique and atmospheric images that initially were sold as cards, stationery and prints.  After several years of research her 'prints' were turned in to the most amazing lamps we've seen in a very long time! 

Claire's amazing lamps and candle covers have just arrived at Nora's - we're a little bit giddy about bringing them to you.   

Wild Hare Tall Lamp - £65.00


Candle Covers - £20.00

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